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Aerox Galgas de Droop y Discos para Touring Ampliar

Aerox Galgas de Droop y Discos para Touring

Aerox Galgas de Droop y Discos para Touring AX015

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Aerox AX015 Galgas de Droop y Discos para Touring

Introducing the new Aerox droop gauge set for 1-10th Touring cars.

A new universal way to take the confusion out of measuring droop across different chassis manufacturers.

Droop is a measurement used to define the point at which the tyre leaves contact with the ground. It can be a very powerful tool to quickly change the behaviour of a car. Measuring droop to the axle centre is the most accurate way of doing so, as it eliminates any potential discrepancy in the symmetry of suspension components. This method is also the only correct way to quickly and easily compare droop across different cars, without the need to
account for any differences in car design.

Using the Aerox system is simple. Fasten the droop wheels on to one pair of axles. The chassis sits on the 10mm droop blocks. The droop gauge is used to measure to the lowest part of the droop wheel. The reading from the gauge is the distance from chassis underside to the centre of axle. Repeat for the other pair of axles.

For easy storage and transportation, the M4 grub screw is inserted into the side of the droop gauge so that it protrudes
equally out of both sides. This is then locked off with the M3 grub screw from the underside. The droop wheels then attach to the droop gauge via the M4 grub screw for safe storage.


As a starting point, we recommend a droop gauge value of:

Front: 22 - 23mm
Rear: 21 - 22mm

Front: 22.5 - 23.5mm
Rear: 21.5 - 22.5mm